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Book Review: There's Wild, Then There's You by M Leighton

There's Wild, Then There's You (The Wild Ones #3)
By M Leighton
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: He’s someone she can’t trust…

She’s someone he thinks he knows…

Violet Wilson is a wallflower. Shy, serious, and accident-prone, she’s got a bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The night she’s forced to pose with her friend might just be the worst time of all—that’s when she meets Jet Blevins. She knows better than to get involved with someone like him, but he touches her in ways she never expected, neverwanted before.

On the outside, Jet is a typical rocker, an arrogant lead guitarist who unapologetically lives a wild lifestyle. But on the inside, he’s battling demons and using the stage to escape the troubles of his past and the addictions of his present. Until the night he sees Violet standing at the back of the room. She brings his life into focus. She knows his secrets. She’s the girl he can’t forget, and the one thing he craves more than his addiction.

But can they ever hope to have a future when their very foundation is nothing but lies? 

Review: As the third book in M Leighton's The Wild Ones series, I was expected to be blown away. I haven't read the first book, but I enjoyed the second book of the series and couldn't wait to see what wild roller coaster of a relationship she could offer us next. 

Violet Wilson is used to going through life taking care of everyone. So when her best friend needs help staying faithful to her boyfriend, Violet agrees to go to Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings with her. Little did Violet know, the meetings had a lot more in store than helping out her friend. Jet Blevins flies through life on the wild side as a rocker who's never had problems getting girls. But when he sees Violet at the SAA meeting, he's captivated by the quiet girl with a bit of an attitude on her. When their attraction starts turning into more, though, can their passion overcome their lies they didn't even mean to tell each other? 

First off, I loved the idea how Violet is a more shy and reserved character who is totally thrown out of her element when she goes to the SAA meetings with her friend. Violet is a character you can't help but feel for and relate to as she has to take care of all of those around her, including her own father, and attempt to go through a situation that is totally out of her element. And that situation just so happens to be Jet. Jet may have his bad boy image, but he has an instant weakness for Violet. What became frustrating, though, was how he kept on saying how selfish he was being when he spent time with Violet. I sort of understood after his secret was revealed near the end of the book, but his obsessive fight with himself over how he isn't being fair to Violet and how selfish he is when he finally gives into his feelings for her just became overdone and tiring. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about Jet. I liked him, but it really was weird how different he was with Violet and with his band. Seriously, he was a completely different person and I thought it was weird because we knew the Jet who was with Violet way before we got to see, or even know about, his rocker side. Even though the story switched viewpoints with each chapter between Violet and Jet, we really didn't get to know anything about Jet until Violet witnessed him playing in his band. I would have liked a lot more insight into his character while we were actually in his head than what we were given.

Overall, I expected more from this one. From going off of a book that I enjoyed, the newest release in the series just fell a bit short. I wasn't a huge fan of Jet and his obsessive need to berate himself for liking Violet. I was left wanting more depth into the characters and a variety in what we were actually given of their minds.

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