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Book Review: Medicine Man by Saffron A Kent

Medicine Man 
by Saffron A Kent
Release Date: September 27,  2018
Source: Author
Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences. But this is no ordinary castle. It’s called Heartstone Psychiatric hospital and it houses forty other patients. It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns.

It has a man, as well. A man who is cold and distant. Whose voice drips with authority. And whose piercing gray eyes hide secrets, and maybe linger on her face a second too long.

Willow isn’t supposed to look deep into those eyes. She isn’t supposed to try to read his tightly leashed emotions. And neither is she supposed to touch herself at night, imagining his powerful voice and that cold but beautiful face.

No, Willow Taylor shouldn’t be attracted to Simon Blackwood, at all.

Because she’s a patient and he’s her doctor. Her psychiatrist.

The medicine man.

WARNING: This book discusses sensitive issues including but not limited to, depression and suicide.

I have read two Saffron A. Kent novels before this and I have loved how complex and unusual her characters are. Seeing that this is a romance between a patient and a doctor at a mental institution, I was definitely intrigued to see what Saffron could do! 

After Willow tries to throw herself out a window, she finds herself as a patient in Heartstone Psychiatric hospital. Willow is trying to make it through each day until she finally gets to go home to her mom. The day Dr. Simon Blackwood walks through the doors, Willow is changed forever. There is something intriguing about this man with obvious secrets and he seems just as intrigued by Willow...

In the beginning, I found Willow such an intriguing character and, as we learned more about her, I was more and more confused between what was real and what wasn't about her. Since she is dealing with depression, she is definitely an unreliable character because she's trying to ignore her depression and create stories to make her seem happy and fine with life. Now I am not someone who has ever been diagnosed with depression, so I can't say with 100% accuracy that this was a good depiction of depression, but I really enjoyed the look inside of Willow's mind and life as she battled with the illness. 

When the romance started happening, I was a bit taken out of the story when, after they gave into their romance, they literally were only physical with each other for a good 20% of the story. There wasn't more substance or anything. I also wish we saw more of Simon falling for Willow and what pushed him to give into that desire after adamantly saying he wasn't going to cross those boundaries. Other than that part of the romance, I really loved this story and the intensity between Willow and Simon. 

Overall, this was a great forbidden romance with some really complex characters. Willow may have been the psych patient, but Simon had some demons of his own that he had to face. The romance was angsty and I couldn't put this book down!


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