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Book Review: The Savior by JR Ward

The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17)
by JR Ward
Release Date: April 2, 2019
Source: Publisher
In the venerable history of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, only one male has ever been expelled—but Murhder’s insanity gave the Brothers no choice. Haunted by visions of a female he could not save, he nonetheless returns to Caldwell on a mission to right the wrong that ruined him. However, he is not prepared for what he must face in his quest for redemption.

Dr. Sarah Watkins, researcher at a biomedical firm, is struggling with the loss of her fellow scientist fiancé. When the FBI starts asking about his death, she questions what really happened and soon learns the terrible truth: Her firm is conducting inhumane experiments in secret and the man she thought she knew and loved was involved in the torture.

As Murhder and Sarah’s destinies become irrevocably entwined, desire ignites between them. But can they forge a future that spans the divide separating the two species? And as a new foe emerges in the war against the vampires, will Murhder return to his Brothers... or resume his lonely existence forevermore?

I have devoured this entire series over the past year and have become obsessed with this world. I wasn't sure how I felt about Murhder getting his own book since we only briefly met him, but I was excited for another book! 

Murhder has been an outcast from the brotherhood ever since his insanity drove him away. Now, though, he's back and entranced by the woman from his dreams. Dr. Sarah Watkins is still recovering from her fiancĂ©'s death and doesn't know how to deal with the secrets she uncovers about his work. In her attempt to fix a wrong at the company, she's thrown headfirst into the vampire world and a brooding vampire she can't stop thinking of. 

As this series has continued on, I've noticed that the later books don't necessary focus solely on the romance and I felt it really lacking in this book. Sarah and Murhder didn't even meet each other until over 100 pages in and I didn't really care for them together. I did enjoy how Sarah was a doctor and how she was helping the Brotherhood uncover some biological answers they needed to help a brother in need. It was also nice seeing so much of John Matthew and Xhex, but aside from them, I was pretty bored with most of this book. 

Since the lessers have been backing off, the new enemy has been growing the last few books in this series. Unfortunately, we still don't really get answers about that enemy in this book. I felt like this book was just a bridge to the culmination of action that is hinted will actually happen in the next book. There wasn't a whole of action here and I found this book just dragged. 

Overall, this was a pretty disappointing BDB book. I still enjoyed seeing the brothers, but we didn't really get a whole lot of them aside from Murhder, John Matthew, and Tohr. The rest were just in the background and I wanted to see much more of the BDB world and characters. The plot was slow moving and I was just left wanting more.

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