Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Review + Giveaway: For the Longest Time by Kendra Leigh Castle

For the Longest Time (Harvest Cove #1)
By Kendra Leigh Castle
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: For Samantha Henry, it took a ten-year absence to appreciate the close-knit New England town with an appeal all its own....
After a perfect storm of events leaves Sam high, dry, and jobless, she has to head home to Harvest Cove to regroup. Growing up, she was the town misfit, and a brief high school romance that resulted in heartbreak made her realize she was never going to fit in. But now with the support of her mother and an unexpected circle of allies, Sam starts to wonder if she’s misjudged the town all these years.
Life’s been good to Jake Smith. He transitioned from popular jock to town veterinarian without any trouble. But Sam’s homecoming makes him question his choices. The sharp-tongued beauty was never a good fit for the small community, but he’s never forgotten her—or how good they were together. While she makes it clear she’s not about to repeat the past, Jake’s determined to convince her to give him—and Harvest Cove—a second chance. 

Review: I am absolutely in love with small town romances. Like two of my favorite contemporary authors Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery, Kendra Leigh Castle has taken the contemporary romance genre and created an utterly lovable story full of adorable kittens and a second chance romance. 

After life has left Sam with no other choice but to admit she needs to pause and regroup her life, Sam finds herself back home in the small town of Harvest Cove. Sam was always the outcast in high school, never understood by her classmates and neighbors in town. So when she was hurtfully rejected by Jake Smith because he was trying to look cool in front of his friends, Sam has been scarred by the heartbreaking experience. Now, Jake is the town veterinarian and is adamant that he's not the same high school kid anymore. When Jake runs into Sam on her first day back in town, he's determined to show her he's changed and hopes that this exotic, unique woman will learn to forgive and explore where their attraction can lead them. 

Kendra Leigh Castle knows the one way into my heart with contemporary romances: Animals. Seriously, nothing is more hot than a guy who is completely smitten with animals. I love how Sam and Jake were thrown together in the beginning because of a stray litter of cats under Sam's mother's porch. Then, the fact that Sam falls in love with one of them, and names him Loki, is too adorable for words. Oh, and let's not forget that Jake has a dog he loves spending time with and going on runs with. Seriously, where are the men like Jake in this world? Not only is he dedicated to his animals, he's also determined to show Sam he's different and earn her forgiveness for what he did when he was a stupid teenager. 

While I absolutely loved Jake, Sam was really fun too. I loved how funky she was and how she wasn't afraid to be a little different, even though she was made fun of for it. A girl who stays true to who she is definitely gets my vote. Not to mention her love of art, and struggle to find her passion for it again, really makes her a dynamic, multi-dimensional character. I also loved how whitty and cute Jake and Sam were together when they actually got along and let go of their past griefs. They are both so down to earth, so of course they would get along with each other when they let themselves enjoy each other's company. 

As one of her first dabbles in contemporary romance (I've loved her paranormal books!), I have to say Kendra Leigh Castle has created an adorable romance that includes all of the elements that I love. Jake and Sam were fun, and their human and fury friends added even more quirk and cuteness to the story. Hopefully Kendra writes another one in this Harvest Cove series, because she has herself a new contemporary fan!

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  1. I love being able to live somewhere else if only for a little while.

  2. I don't read much contemporary romance, but I love Kendra Leigh castle and get PNR books and I want to read this by her too

  3. I want to see how the other half lives! My husband has as much romance in him as a box of rocks! lol (one Valentine, I made up a tray of fruit and chocolate for us to share...he looked at it and said "can we just pretend we feed each other / eat off of each other instead" wow such the romantic!


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