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Book Review: The Scoundrel's Seduction by Jennifer Haymore

The Scoundrel's Seduction
By Jennifer Haymore
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: Undercover agent Sam Hawkins has devoted his life to protecting king and country. So when he receives orders to assassinate a ruthless traitor, he doesn't question his mission. But Sam didn't know his deed had a witness—the beautiful and mysterious betrayer's wife. Now he has no choice but to take her as his prisoner—one he can neither trust…nor resist.

Élise, Lady Dunthorpe, will do anything to escape her powerful captor—including seducing him senseless. She didn't know of her miserable husband's crimes, but she has secrets of her own—secrets that threaten everything she holds dear. With his piercing dark eyes and gentle touch, Sam inflames Élise's deepest desires, but how could she ever trust a man who won't let her go? Caught between the crown he's sworn to serve and the woman he's come to love, Sam will risk his heart—and his very life—to keep her safe.

Review: Jennifer Haymore was one of the very first historical romance authors that I ever read, and I have been loving that genre every since. Jennifer never ceases to draw me in and fall in love with every single one of her stories. 

Sam Hawkins will do anything to protect his king and his country, including killing anyone who is a threat to the crown. On his latest mission, the last thing Sam expects is the find the wife of his target hiding in the room, a witness he must take with him to protect the crown. Elise has been married to Lord Dunthorpe for the past 10 years and is relieved to finally be out of his control, but now she must escape the clutches of the English spies who have captured her. When her initial attempts to run away don't work, though, Elise knows she has to grow close to Sam and earn his trust. But as they grow closer, it becomes harder and harder for Elise and Sam to deny their sizzling attraction for one another. 

Wow. From page one, this book is nothing but action. Sam is part of a team of men who go on missions to protect the king from any threats. He isn't afraid to kill for his country and starts off the novel on a mission to kill Lord Dunthorpe. I love how he meets Elise and how they immediately have an attraction to one another, even though he's kidnapping her and had just killed her husband. Sometimes, if the spark is there, you just can't deny it. And the spark is definitely there! Their struggles with coming to terms with their attractions and how they actually really don't hate each other is so entertaining. Sam and Elise have so much more to worry about in their lives, but they just can't seem to stop thinking about each other. 

As always, the best part of a really good novel is the secondary characters. I loved all of Sam's siblings and the men that he worked with. Even Elise started to become good friends with them and they added much more to the story. Not only did I have Elise and Sam to love, but also Sam's entire family and team as well. I'm not sure how I felt about Sam's mother, but her story and the secrets that she had kept from her children definitely tested their relationships and allowed their bonds to grow that much stronger. 

In the end, this book was a book of not only romance, but also friendship and family. With great characters, government scandals, and an attraction neither character can deny, The Scoundrel's Seduction is the perfect historical romance to snuggle up and spend the day reading.

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