Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: The Star Attraction by Alison Sweeney

The Star Attraction
By Alison Sweeney
Release Date: May 14, 2013
Source: Publisher
Summary: "Can you blame a publicist for blurring the lines between what's real and what's a dream, when her client is a gorgeous actor?

Sophie is a Hollywood publicist who has a fabulous job, a fabulous boyfriend, and a fabulous life. She even scores her PR firm's most important actor client and every woman's dream—Billy Fox. 

But will a steamy make-out session in a restaurant alley with her big-name client cost Sophie her job? And does she really want an escape from her life and her loving, if imperfect, relationship with her investment banker boyfriend? The Star Attraction takes us on a wild ride through one woman's daytime soap come to life. 

Review: I absolutely love Alison Sweeney as the host of The Biggest Loser, so when I saw that she had written a book, I was really excited to see how it would turn out. I love chick lits and this one sounded like it was going to be the perfect chick lit to cuddle up on the couch with. 

Everything in Sophie's life has been going great. She's got a gorgeous boyfriend of two years, a job as a publicist she loves, and friends who are always there for her. But when hot-shot Billy Fox walks into the office and Sophie is assigned to be his publicist, everything Sophie was so sure of in her life comes crumbling down. Is Jacob really as invested in their relationship as she is? Can she really handle everything thrown her way at her job? As soon as these questions pop into her head, Sophie can't seem to let them go. With a hot new celebrity giving her attention, Sophie has to decide what she really wants from her life. 

I really really wanted to like this book. Like I said, I love chick lits and I am a big fan of Alison Sweeney. But NOTHING HAPPENED in this book. I read another review that described reading this book like reading someone's diary, and that is so true! I felt like I was getting over 200 pages of Sophie's diary of her thoughts and explanations about every detail in her life, and barely getting anywhere with the actual story. I wish there was just more to what she did and went through instead of having maybe two major events in the book. By the end, I was skimming because everything she was saying was so repetitive and I was tired of hearing her complain about her life. 

Not only was there no action or oomph to the plot, I really wasn't all that big of a fan of Sophie. There wasn't that much chemistry that I felt between her and Billy, yet that's all she could talk about. Add onto that how she was constantly drinking and then complaining about how Jacob pointed that out. Honestly, Jacob was my favorite character and everything he said that was supposed to make him seem like the bad guy only made Sophie look like the worse character. Her complaining and whining about every other person in her life was annoying too. Not to mention the whole relationship with Priscilla, her enemy at work, was cliche and really predictable by the end. 

In the end, this book really missed the mark with me. It was slow going and I really was not a fan of the characters. As much as I wish I could have enjoyed it, the cliche storyline just could't hold my attention. If you're looking for a good chick lit to read out on the beach this summer, I'd skip this one for now.


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