Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall TV: What I'm Watching

I like to watch TV. A lot. There's nothing like spending a Friday night snuggled up in bed with a big bowl of popcorn and the newest episode of my favorite show on. This fall, so many new TV shows have started up and some of my favorite old ones have returned. I thought I'd share some things that I've been watching and some pretty great shows I've discovered over the past couple of weeks! 

I loved the earlier seasons of Nikita and Maggie Q is just an awesome person in general. When I saw she was going to be in a new show about stalkers, I knew it was going to be good. While it's only four episodes in, Stalker has become a must-see for me. I love how twisted the stalkers are and how down right scary the show can get. Yeah, I've definitely learned to watch the show in the middle of the day rather than in the dark, at night. It can get quite scary! 

How to Get Away With Murder
I was interested in this show ever since I saw the trailer with Viola Davis. The first few episodes have been really good and I love how she works the court room and does everything in her power to prove that her clients are innocent. I'm not sure how the whole past and present part of the show will eventually meet, but I'm definitely interested to see how it all connects! 

A to Z
Oh my gosh, this show. I hadn't heard of this show until I told my sister how awful Manhattan Love Story was. She told me about A to Z and how I might like that one better. Well, she was so right! I fell in love about five minutes into the first episode and can't wait for every new episode. I love how the main guy is from The Perfect Man and how utterly romantic he is. *sigh* It's a cute show and the 20 minutes always go by way too fast. 

I know that this show is already over, but OH MY GOSH. I will obsess over Outlander anytime I can because it is just so good. How could they only give us 8 episodes in the first season? And not come back until April? That's so mean! I haven't read the books yet, but I fell in love with Jamie from episode one. If you haven't already, you guys have to watch this show!

Downton Abbey
I had no idea Downton Abbey had already started airing in the UK until it was about 3 episodes in. I've caught up on the first episode but haven't had the time to watch any more. I can't wait when I finally have the time to catch up with the new season! You just can't get enough Downtown!

What shows have you guys started watching this Fall? Any good ones? 

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  1. I'm loving Stalker too! So intense and definitely not a show to watch when you're home alone at night. My only flaw is I'm not loving the guy being all stalker-y with his ex. I could do without that little subplot. I think the rest of the show is strong enough that it doesn't need that.


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