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Book Review: Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5)
By Samantha Young 
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wakeup call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she’s sworn off men—especially those of the bad-boy variety.

Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon wants to avoid—gorgeous, tattooed, charming, and cocky. But his rough exterior hides a good man who’s ready to find “the one.” He’s determined to pull Shannon from her self-imposed solitude and win her heart.

As Shannon opens up in the face of Cole’s steady devotion, the passion between them ignites to blazing levels. But when Shannon’s past comes back to haunt her, her fears may destroy the trust Cole has built between them—and tear them apart for good…

Review: Holy moly, Samantha Young's writing…is just…it's…Perfect! Utterly perfect. She knows exactly how to pull on my heartstrings and create characters that just crawl into my heart and stay there forever. I feel like the whole family of the On Dublin Street series is my family and I care about each and every one of them. Cole has been a favorite of mine ever since the second book and now that he's all grown up, I have fallen even more in love with the yummy man who has a heart of gold. 

Shannon MacLeod has been through her fair share of rough relationships and her latest relationship has left her helpless and alone. Attempting to start over, she moves to Edinburgh and applies to work as the receptionist for the hottest tattoo shop in town. As soon as she lays eyes on Cole Walker, one of the tattoo artists, she sees a cocky, beautiful, tattooed man that has bad news written all over him. Shannon has known bad news and doesn't need that in her life anymore, but Cole just won't take no for an answer. With his boyish charm and good nature beneath his bad boy exterior, Shannon finds herself opening up the raw parts of her she's never let anyone see and finding a family that takes her in and makes her feel whole again. 

This book. This series. This author! I was excited for Cole's story, but any expectations I had were completely blown out of the water with how gosh darn adorable and sexy he was in this book. Seriously, how can he be so perfect? He has that bad boy look down with his sexy grins and tattooed, rock hard body, but he is the most charming, sensitive, and caring guy on the planet. Since we already know his past from the other books and understand why he is the way he is, I knew that he would be the absolute perfect person to help Shannon pick up the pieces of her broken life and show her that she didn't have to go through life alone because of what she had done in her past. 

Shannon is awesome. Just, awesome. I'm always skeptical when completely new characters are introduced into novels and into the lives of people we've spent the previous books of the series falling in love with, but Shannon definitely earned her place among the tribe of characters in this series. I loved how we got to really know her on an emotional level and watch her turmoil with guilt over what she had done to her family and her fear of repeating the past mistakes that really scarred her. When Cole learned about her past, it was so sweet how adamant he was at helping her feel safe again and how patient he was with her. Cole definitely had the patience of a saint. Oh my gosh, and the chemistry! Sure, Cole and Shannon eventually connected on an emotional level, but when they first met, their chemistry was through the roof and Cole was definitely not shy when it came to showing Shannon how attracted he was to her. He was so flirty and so cute and I just wanted to steal him all for myself. Oh, and I loved all of the new secondary characters introduced in this novel as well. The tattoo artists were all one big happy family and they were all definitely unique in a completely lovable way. There was more to love than just Shannon and Cole and I was really able to get lost in the warm, loving world of this phenomenal novel. 

Somehow, Samantha Young has been able to write a story that's sweet, sexy, emotional, hot, and adorable all at the same time. As always, I loved seeing all of the old couples well into their married lives and growing their families. Cole's story was well worth the wait and his book is definitely now tied with Olivia's book as my favorite. I was intrigued with Logan from the moment we met him in this book and can't wait to see how his story turns out in the next novel. If you haven't yet, you have to pick up Samantha Young's series. You're missing out on one of the best New Adult series I've ever read with the most endearing lovable cast of characters that will capture your heart and never let go.

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