Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorry I've been gone!!

Hey you can see I've haven't posted for an entire week, but I swear I didn't mean to be gone this long! My family left for vacation to Myrtle Beach on Saturday and we were supposed to have wi-fi but when I turned on my laptop, there was nothing! So for an entire week, I could only check my email twice when we drove to the realty office. I had a lovely vacation on the beach, but I was completely dying knowing that I couldn't post any new reviews or check my email every 10 seconds like I do at home. But, I came home today!!!! And the good thing about vacation is that I got to read a ton of books, so there will definitely be more reviews to come! I'm so sorry I was gone and I know most of you didn't even miss me, but I sure missed blogging. So now I can't wait to share all I read with you (I would start sharing now, but I just spent 14 hours in a car, so I kinda want to get some sleep now) and I guess you'll just hear from me tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great summer :)

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