Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: Blood Reaction by D.L. Atha

Summary: Annalice is a single mother who just bought a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, the perfect place to escape life when she's not working and raise her daughter. But on the night her daughter leaves to spend a week with her grandmother, a blood-thirsty and angry vampire invades Annalice's home, taking her prisoner. In order to save her daughter's life, Annalice must obey the vampire's every demand. Annalice finds herself using science and observation of the vampire to try and beat him at his own game, making him the prey instead of the predator. 

Review: When i first started this book out, I was not interested in the story at all. It was slow, boring, and I was sure it would end up be a 2/3 star book. After about 100 pages though, it got really interesting and really good. I love vampires, so reading about how a vampire captures a woman and how she is going to survive is something I am bound to enjoy. Annalice was a little annoying at first, but then she became really strong, solving the puzzle of how vampires work both physically and mentally. Every time she was near Asa, the vampire who captured her, she had this desire for him like not other, even though she hated him. She would subject herself to more and more interactions with this creepy vampire just to figure out how to survive him. Blood Reaction ended up being a good, creepy story in the paranormal world of vampires. Instead of the normal cute love story about a nice vampire, it's about a mean, hateful vampire who can toy with humans for pleasure. Blood Reaction was quite enjoyable and I'm glad I stuck out the beginning to experience the great middle and ending.


  1. Hey, sounds interesting. Books with slow beginnings annoy me. You'd think it would be, you know, obvious or something.

    Anyways. Vampires aren't really my thing. The sex-factor is irritating. If a guy was lusting after me, I'd think his attraction to my blood would be a bit of a turnoff. XD

    It does sound interesting though. If vampires ever become hot again (pun totally intended) I might just grab this first thing.

    The Authoress

  2. Yeah, you should definitely check this book out when you get into vampires (if ever...)! It isn't the typically vampire book, which is really nice!


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