Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review: The Troubles of Dean by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

Summary: Dean is madly in love with his girlfriend Heather and he has decided that tonight is the night to propose. With a romantic evening planned, Dean will pop the question when she gets home from work that night. But as Dean puts his plans into action, it seems like nothing he does can ever turn out right. Who knew proposing could be this hard? 

Review: I normally don't read short stories (this was 14 pages) but the author asked me to review it so I read it! This was a pleasant enough story, but some things just didn't work for me. The first thing is that the author spent a lot of time describing the setting and how the room was set up. This may have helped the reader picture the scene more, but it took up a lot of the already short story. Also, the author used "stood erect" at least three times when describing how Dean acted. I feel like in 14 pages, she could have used more variety in describing how her characters behaved. It was cute reading about how everything Dean did was going wrong, but not enough time was put into how it ended. A majority of the story was Dean setting everything up and not even half was how everything went wrong in his marriage proposal. The Troubles of Dean is a cute, short read, but it doesn't leave you with anything more than that.

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