Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Shameless by Anne Stuart

Summary: Viscount Benedick Rohan is finally home and the only things he wants are girls to take his mind off of his three dead wives/fiances. Instead he gets headstrong Lady Melisand Carstairs asking for help to stop a secret society, a violent prostitution ring. The last thing he wants to do is get involved with this lady that annoys him so much, but when he figures out his younger brother might be involved, he takes on the challenge, including seducing the very innocent Lady Carstairs. When they spend more and more time together, it isn't just a game anymore to Benedick and Melisande begins to realize that maybe a life of celibacy really isn't the true key to her happiness. 

Review: This is the first book I read by Anne Stuart and I enjoyed it a lot. I love historical romances and Shameless was all about what is proper for a lady and having a reputation in society. What I loved though was how Melisande didn't care about her reputation and just did what she wanted to, kind a stick it to the man attitude. People could talk about her and how it was degrading to help prostitutes find a new life, but she didn't care. All she cared about was helping people, oh and being with Benedick. I loved their passion and chemistry in this book. What started off as a harmless game for Benedick turned into something much more that he was very afraid of feeling. He was just so adorable in his protective ways while trying to fight his undeniable attraction to Melisande. My only problem with this book is that some parts moved too fast and others moved too slow. If there was a happy medium for the entire book, then it would have been better. But as it is, Shameless was a very enjoyable historical romance full of kidnappings, a mystery, and a very hot relationship.


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