Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review: Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

Summary: As the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, Izzie has enough to worry about in her social life. Oh yeah, and she's a witch. One day, Izzie decides to make a love potion for her friend, but ends up mistakenly drinking it herself, making her fall in love with the new student Tristan. Now, Izzie can't stand even touching her boyfriend and she can't take her eyes off of Tristan. As weird, magical beings start to come after Izzie, she finds that Tristan is always there to save her. Can their connection go past the love potion, or are their emotions just because of the magic? 

Review: I was absolutely ECSTATIC to get this book for review from Netgalley because the cover was so pretty and I loved the movie Tristan and Isolde. So needless to say I had high expectations for this book. When I finally got through with it, I was so so disappointed. The first thing that bugged me was Izzie. I hated how she was such a snob in the beginning. With just the snap of her fingers she could get her oh-so-popular-captain-of-the-basketball-team-king-of-the-school boyfriend to outcast anyone she wanted just because she didn't like them. That's so awful! I already don't like snobby popular people in real life, so why would I like reading about them? I feel like this part of her personality was so out of line with who she really was in her relationship with Tristan and how she acts for the rest of the book. It just didn't make sense. What also didn't make sense was the introduction to the whole magic aspect of the book. At first, it seemed like this book was a normal YA book, but then WHAM! Izzie and her mom know magic! Wait what? It was just really random and didn't flow at all with what was happening in the beginning. I wish it wasn't all so "oh, but they way, there's magic!" and that the book started with the magic instead of just threw it in there. I really liked how the book ended, I just didn't like the build up to it. What happened seemed way to easy to actually have happened in the end. I feel like it should have been more of a struggle and adventure than it actually was. The idea and relationships of Tris & Izzie were really good, but the book as a whole did not meet the high expectations I had for it.


  1. The reviews on other sites are not great for this book either - I think you hit the nail on the head, and many other readers agree with you.

    It is an amazingly beautiful cover though!


  2. Yeah, I saw that too when I was reading other reviews. The cover really is pretty, that's why I thought it was going to be so good! I guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover...

  3. Aww that's so disappointing! The cover was so gorgeous that it alone made me want to read it, and then the synopsis sounded pretty great too. Thank you for the detailed review, the things you highlighted that you didn't like make me think I wouldn't enjoy this read much!

    Jamie @ Bookerella

  4. I've seen a lot of negative reviews for this one, it kinda makes me wanna read it just to see how bad it is lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Ah, bummer that you didn't like it. I was considering reading it, but I think I may push it back down on my list. *to read when everything else has been read* Hope you're having a good weekend!

  6. Oh, I was excited about this book too because of the cover, now my expectations are decidedly lower. Hate being disappointed by books!


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