Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Review: The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden

Summary: When the human race stopped again in the mid 21st century, no one seemed to know why. And those who did know why weren't talking. Four hundred years later, Grace Harper is hired to find the man behind the virus that turn the world into disaster. This man is the only hope to undo the virus, but Grace's employer isn't the only one after him. With people waiting to kill her at every corner, Grace must enlist the help of old and new acquaintances in order to find virus's maker and save humanity from itself before it's too late.

Review: When I'm picking a book to read, sci-fi is definitely very low on the list of contenders, but sometimes I like to mix it up. So when the opportunity to review The Immortality Virus came, I took it. This being said, I was so surprised that I actually really enjoyed reading this book! The whole idea that it was 400 years into the future and people stopped aging around the age of 25 was put together in an engaging and entertaining book. The storyline reminded me of the movie iRobot or I am Legend (basically any futuristic Will Smith movie...), but instead with a kick-butt female main character. Grace was such a fun character to read about and I loved how she was so strong and fearless yet she still had insecurities when it came to her heart. This book was mainly sci-fi, but I loved the little added romance that didn't take over the main plot of the book. Even with a little romance, there was always something different happening in each chapter and plenty of action to keep the story interesting. The author did an awesome job of creating our world 400 years in the future and the consequences to actions we know people were bound to take. Tons of people think it would be awesome to be able to be able to live forever, but this book shows that everyone living forever is not as ideal as it seems. I loved every second of this futuristic book and it constantly kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next. I hope there's a sequel because I know that this is definitely not the last sci-fi book that I'm going to read!


  1. This book sounds great. I think I will like Grace :)

  2. I am a sci-fi fan, and really enjoyed this book. Like you said, it really makes you consider whether living forever would be great, and that lots of people wouldn't like it.


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