Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review: In a Celandine World by Catherine Thorpe

Summary: Willow Jane is in love. But the man she loves isn't normal- he's a boogyman. Boon has been in Willow's dreams for as long as she can remember and now, his presence is there when she's awake. When Willow moves to a village in England, things turn even weirder. She meets an old lady who believes things that are even crazier than Willow's life. This strange village that Willow has moved to has secrets. Secrets that are held in a mysterious manuscript from the 12th century. Will Willow find the truth behind her madness and finally live with her love, or will she discover she's truly mad after all? 

Review: I already had high expectations when I started this book, but this book exceeded those expectations by a mile. I was expecting a story that was kind of like the usual same old paranormal romance story, but Catherine Thorpe completely came up with a whole new idea that was so interesting to read! Willow was in love with a man from her dreams, which is a common story, but her dream man is with her when she's awake too. That's never happened before! Everything that happens after that I'm like, "woah what??" because I'm never expecting what's next. It was so refreshing reading a story that kept me guessing with each page. Even though I may have been confused at parts, I was confused with Willow. Catherine Thorpe never withheld any facts or information from the reader that the main character knew too. I got annoyed when Willow got annoyed and I got scared when Willow got scared. I could really connect with Willow and I actually cared what happened to her, which is really important for me in a book. And what I also really liked was how there was a kind of historical, Jane Austen vibe with Hugh's character. I love historical romances, so I got to indulge a little bit with that while still enjoying the whole paranormal side of the story. But my favorite thing was when Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland would quote lines from the book in Willow's head. Willow should have sounded crazy, but instead it was really charming to me. This was such a good book and I am so glad I finally got to read a unique, addicting book for once. Check out my interview with Catherine Thorpe right here!

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