Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: Dark Is the Night by Brindle Chase

Summary: Katherine Wells has devoted her entire life to her job as a homicide detective. Right now, she is determined to find the Antoinette Killer that has been tearing the heads of people all around the city. One night, though, she meets Alexander and everything changes. Nothing else matters except for being close to him. What she doesn't know, is that he's a vampire. And the Antoinette Killer. The only problem is that Katherine and Alexander have fallen in love, but can the relationship last between a vampire and the detective who's job is to capture him? Katherine is determined to make it so by giving into the world of passion Alexander has shown her and forgetting everything she has ever lived for. 

Review: This book was interesting from the first page on. I loved how it opened up with a killing from the vampire right off the bat. It gave it a dark, edgy vibe that really made me want to read more. The idea of a vampire and the detective investigating the deaths he caused who fall in love is really intriguing and not the usual overdone vampire story. What I didn't like was how it was more about their relationship and we only got a little of the actual storyline of her as a detective. It turned from a crime/thriller into a love story real fast and I just wish that there were more thriller moments than there actually were. One other thing that I didn't get was how the vampire suddenly had telekenisis halfway through the story and that was the only time he used it. I feel like it was just like, "oh yeah, he can do that because that makes it easier" instead of making him have to work to do what he was doing at the moment. Other than that, it was a good story full of passion yet scary vampires that can rip your head of in the blink of an eye. I was glad to get a break from the lovey-dovey vampire stories and read about so pretty kick-butt vampires for a change


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