Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund

Summary: After Aerin Renning's father died, she was stranded on a terrible plane and forced to being a slave. Seven years later, she escapes and manages to score high enough on the Alliance's test to land in their most prestigious school, Academy 7. Once at the academy, Aerin must keep the secret of her past or else she will be expelled, but after meeting Dane Madousin, it's hard to stay anonymous. Dan and Aerin become close friends, but can that friendship last through the trials they face and eventually turn into something more? 

Review: This book turned out completely not what I expected, but I still enjoyed it so much! It kind of gave off the Star Wars vibe with all of the planets that people could travel to that were similar, yet so different. The only problem was that Academy 7 kind of jumped into the world without any explanations until later. So in the beginning and a few more spots throughout the book, things got a little confusing because the author didn't take enough time to explain some things that the readers weren't familiar with. Other than that, I loved reading about Aerin and Dane and how they were both so different from different backgrounds, yet they had so much in common. Aerin's determination to be the best and nervousness of her secrets and weaknesses really connected me to her and made me care about what happened to her. And I loved how Dane couldn't help caring for Aerin and how that scared him. Though the love story wasn't really all that evident in the book, it was still subtly there and that's enough for me! Academy 7 was a great sci-fi book that drew me in to the world of the Alliance, flying spacecrafts, and technology beyond our imagination. 


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