Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review: Dragon Stones by Kristian Alva

Summary: Emperor Vosper has been trying to gain more and more power and one way he decides to do that? Kill off all of the dragons. Now, only a small amount of dragons and their riders remained, forced into hiding. One day, Elias Dorgumir finds a dragon stone in the forest and once word gets out, the Emperor's soldier show up at his home. Elias is forced to leave his home and his grandmother and run with the dragon stone. Crossing danger and almost death, Elias must survive with the dragon stone, for it is the key to saving the entire dragon race. 

Review: Dragon Stones had me hooked from the first chapter. I love reading books about wizards, magical creatures, and anything else magical so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this book. I liked Elias from the moment I met him and how he was so brave and didn't complain about having to runaway with the rare and dangerous Dragon Stone. I also really liked the dwarf who's helping him, Thorin. He always knows what to do and his personality is just so likable. This book kind of reminded me of Eragon, with the whole dying Dragon Race and the fight of evil vs. good. I felt like Dragon Stones was just the opening book, like there wasn't really a whole lot of things going on but it was necessary to build up to the next book. It was never boring, but it was just too short and I wished that it went on a little bit longer. The ending was a great twist and cliffhanger, so I really can't wait for the next book!


  1. I've never heard of this one before, but it looks interesting. Maybe I'll have to pick it up sometime soon. Thanks for the review!

  2. I also loved this book. It had me hooked from the start also. It was great.


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