Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Hearts on the Run by Bonnie Lamer

Summary: After being dumped by his fiance for her best friend, Jack is left with nothing but his work as a DA. But now, someone wants him dead before he can reach the court room on monday. Jack is forced to hide out in the house of Abby, the gorgeous redhead he had met at the bar that night. Abby attraction to Jack is undeniable, but she is having a hard time trusting guys after her last boyfriend cheated on her and used her for business. When Jack moves in, all of Abby's common sense just flies out the window. But can their newly lit relationship last the bombings and murder attempts meant to kill Jack? 

Review: I already knew that I liked Bonnie Lamer's writing after reading one of her books on her blog, so it was no surprise that I really enjoyed this book too. I loved how the romance was mixed in with mystery/suspense at who was trying to kill Jack before his trial on Monday. The added mystery made the story more engaging and hard to put down because I really wanted to see if they could catch the guys behind the attempted murders. I also loved Abby and how she was so insecure about whether or not Jack liked her. How she acts in this book is so relatable to girls all around the world because we all know it's impossible not to be insecure when it comes to guys. This book may have had it's predictable moments and things might have moved at bit fast at some parts, but the ending was something totally unexpected. Abby and Jack's chemistry is seriously on fire, yet sweet at the same time. Hearts on the Run was a great romance that is the perfect light read to lay out in the sun with. 

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