Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Happy fifth anniversary of Thoughtless! If you haven't head of this series, where have you been!?! I first read this series back when Thoughtless was released by the publisher in 2012 and fell so in love with the story and characters. It's no secret that I love rockstar romances, but my love for that genre actually blossomed because of this series. Kellan Kyle is THE rockstar and I fell so hard for him when I was reading these books. While there was a love triangle, it was done so well and I was utter trash for these books. I remember sitting up on the top bunk in my dorm room devouring every single book in this series. I could not put them down and had to see if Kellan and Kiera were going to finally have their happily ever after. And not only did I love the main couple, but I also loved Kiera's sister and all of the other D-Bags (Kellan's band). While these books are huge, I flew through them and wish they didn't end so quickly. 

Gosh, just talking about these books makes me want to reread them again! If you haven't had the privilege of reading these books, you must! They're addicting and impossible to put down once you've started the series. 

Check out the Series!

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