Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Roundup [1/13-1/19]

Hello, everyone! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend because I sure am! I went home for the weekend and had an awesome time getting my books that were sent home, going shopping with my mom, and having some pretty darn good home cooked meals! My mom and I went to one of her friend's thirty-one parties and I got an amazing tote (in an adorable turquoise color) that I am beyond excited to bring to school on Tuesday. Nothing like some new accessories to make you excited to go back to work! Wow, but student teaching has seriously put a damper on my reading time! It took me AN ENTIRE WEEK to read a book. That never happens. Hopefully I settle into a routine where I find more spare time to read without falling asleep after reading ten pages. Here's to a new week with hopefully some more reading time for me! 



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