Thursday, January 15, 2015

Author Interview: Natalie D Richards

In three words, how would you describe Gone Too Far?
Wow, that’s a good question.  And a hard one!!  I think I’m going to go with.  Tense. Emotional.  Possible.

Gone Too Far sounds like a very unique, chilling read. Where did you come up with the idea?
I had a little scene pop into my head about one of the text messages Piper receives and I knew I wanted to do a book that dealt with vigilante justice and good intentions going very bad.  This book is really about that.  Piper is a girl who wants to make things right, but man, do they go wrong.

If you could be anyone from any of your books, who would you be and why?
I would actually be Piper because she’s a smart, strong girl.  To be fair, I tend to write strong, smart leading girls but Piper is extra special because she’s a talented photographer as well, which is something that always amazes and impresses me.  J

What do you do to get into the “writing zone”? Does it need to be completely silent? Do you listen to music? Etc.…
I think a little bit of terror and self-loathing is necessary to start my writing engines.  LOL!  I need to get a little worried about the book or a little cranky with a scene I know I can make better.  Once I’m properly uh…motivated…I require music—usually very dark, emo music.  The xx, Ms Mr, Kings of Leon, Lana Del Rey, and Florence & The Machine give you a general idea of the things that might be on my playlists at any given time.  Also, weird tidbit…I can’t write very well unless my feet are propped up.  Bizarre, right?

Why do you write YA and not other genres?
I actually do write other genres, but YA is the genre of my heart because so many of my favorite books, authors, and characters are found in this genre.  There’s a certain feel, a brutal honesty in YA books that I never want to outgrow.  J

What can we expect from you next? Anything you’re currently working on?
I just finished up another thriller for Sourcebooks set in a gorgeous little boat town in North Carolina.  That one’s probably my most romantic book, and it deals a lot with the lies we tell and the lies we believe.  I can’t wait for it!

Thank you so much for having me!!  It’s been awesome to be here!!

Gone Too Far
By Natalie D Richards
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Summary: Keeping secrets ruined her life. But the truth might just kill her.

Piper Woods can't wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She's sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone's sure it's suicide, but Piper remembers Stella's name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.

Drowning in secrets she doesn't want to keep, Piper's fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished

About the Author

Ohioan and Double RWA Golden Heart Finalist NATALIE D. RICHARDS won her first writing competition in the second grade with her short story about Barbara Frances Bizzlefishes (who wouldn't dare do the dishes). After getting lost in a maze of cubicles, Natalie found her way back to storytelling, following the genre of her heart, teen fiction. Natalie lives in Ohio with her amazing husband, their three children, and a giant dust-mop who swears he’s the family dog.

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  1. I think it's funny that you have to "motivate" yourself that way but it does sound really effective! :) Great interview and thanks for sharing the book!

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas


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