Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Wonders (4)

Every Wednesday I will post songs that are rocking my world, including anything wonderful, wacky, or just plain weird. Welcome to my world of Wednesday's Wonders! 

Song: She Ain't You by Chris Brown 

I know, I know Chris Brown is not a very good person, but his voice is absolutely beautiful! I bought this song on Monday and have literally listened to it a million times! The message isn't all that great (that he has a girlfriend, but it's only physical and he really loves the girl he's singing the song to), but the song itself is sooooo good! It has a good rhythm and every time I hear it, I start to sing along. Chris Brown's voice is like music to my ears (haha, get it?) and I can't get enough of it! So before you go judging Chris Brown's talent because of his terrible past (because what he did was really REALLY awful), listen to this song; it's really catchy and I found myself completely and utterly addicted. 

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