Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: Roadside Assistance by Amy Clispton

Summary: When Emily's mom died, the cancer took her father's money and business with it. Now, with little more than nothing, Emily and her father move into her wealthy Aunt's house. Emily feels like she could never fit in with her rich Aunt and perfect cousin Whitney until she starts to befriend the cute boy next door named Zander, who shares Emily's passion: cars. Emily must learn to cope with her mother's death, learn to let people in again, and find her lost faith in God. 

Review: When I started off this book, I was really enjoying the story...until the preaching began. I have no problem when people believe in God, seeing as I do, but it was a bit excessive in this book. Nothing in the summary on the back of the book said anything about faith, yet a lot of the book had to do with Emily finding comfort in fixing cars and trying to talk to God. I could connect with Emily in her personality and I really enjoyed reading about her, but I was tired of all the talk of God. It seemed like the characters always had to worm in conversations of God being there and finding faith in Him. Some things I really liked were Zander, Emily's cute next-door neighbor, and their trials and growth of their relationship, along with Emily's cousin, Whitney. I also enjoyed how Zander and Emily could bond over Emily's quirky obsession with cars and how Zander helped Emily cope with her mother's death. So over all, it was a really cute story, it just could have done without the details that put it in the "inspirational" genre.


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  2. Thanks! I actually find out how to do most of the stuff I've done on the "help" link that's at the top of the page when your on your dashboard. Here's the link to where it explains how to do the signature! Hope it helps!


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