Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Summary: Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) is on yet another adventure, but this time he's after something new: The fountain of youth. Before he can embark on the journey, he runs into an old flame from his past named Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz). Jack finds himself on a ship with Angelica and her father, Blackbeard. Along the way to the fountain, they run into Barbosa and the Spanish, both after the same thing they are. It is a race to the fountain and obtaining the the goblets and mermaid teardrop needed to gain the prized everlasting youth. 

Review: I love all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so I knew that I would love this one as well. Even though it doesn't have the dreamy Orlando Bloom, this new movie made up for it in action and suspense. There was rarely a slow moment in the full 2 hours of the movie and it was never boring. Jack Sparrow was as crazy as ever and his witty humor and unexpected actions really helped the movie keep its entertainment. My favorite part of the movie, though, was the sweet romance between the mermaid and the religious prisoner of Blackbeard's (played by Sam Claflin). So overall, this new Pirates movie was able to come up with a new and exciting story that keeps the same quirkiness of the other movies. This is a definite must see, so go see it now and don't wait any longer! 


  1. Hi
    I just saw the movie on Sunday. Loved it too!

  2. I am falling behind, I love Johnny Depp and i love all the Pirates movies, but was unsure about seeing this one. Your review sounds good, I might just watch it this weekend.


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