Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review: Sweet Light by Jen Wylie

Summary: During the war, Shara was hired to be a Healer for the Kingdom in order to use her gift to heal the injured with only her mind. No sooner than the war started, Shara is thrown into the battle, having to tend to those injured by the enemy. When they are attacked, Shara is forced to flee into the woods, having to find her way home. Shara stumbles across a badly injured soldier and takes him with her on her journey back to the kingdom. During her trip, Shara and the soldier fall in love. When she finally returns to the kingdom with her new-found love, a captain puts himself in charge of protecting her, seeing as her gift has grown powerful and threatening to their enemies. This captain, along with a fellow Healer and old lover, fall for Shara and she must deal with the three men who love her, along with harnessing her powerful gift that is just starting to grow. Can Shara deal with this new life of hers without hurting every person she's ever cared for? 

Review: I absolutely LOVED this book!!! Everything about it made me want to read more and more and more! I stayed up all night reading this book and when my mom interrupted me when I was at a really good part, I actually got mad and was just itching to get back to reading the entire time I had to talk to her. Yeah, it's one of those books :) Shara was such a good main character for this book, with her subtle beauty and growth in confidence and power. I loved following her story and feeling everything she felt as not one, not two, but THREE men fell in love with her. When I thought about the three different guys that liked one girl, I was like there is NO way I am going to like a book like this, but I loved it! I must say my favorite of the three guys was Dric, with his protective ways and an overall strong, manly aura about him. I can't tell you who she actually end up with, but I really liked how it ended. Maybe there's room for another book about this storyline? I hope so since it's Jen Wylie's debut novel! I would love to see more of Anna, David's sister, because she worked so hard to make everybody around her happy that I don't even know if she was happy herself. But the only problem that I had with Sweet Light is I felt like some things moved too fast. I would have loved for things to develop more slowly so that I could have more time enjoying the emotions and moments with the characters. I don't know, maybe I just didn't want this book to end! It was such a good fantasy romance that had a hint of the historical genre (with kings, castles, and battles), which is exactly my cup of tea.

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  1. This book sounds like a good summer read. Another book to add to my summer list. Thanks for such a good review.


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