Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review: Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

Summary: Caitlyn has always been an outsider, haunted by nightmares and dreams she can never understand. So when she is given the opportunity to go to the Chateau de la Fortune, a French boarding school, she immediately accepts. But once at school, Caitlyn starts to have vivid dreams of meeting Raphael, a gorgeous guy who lived at the school 400 years ago. As Caitlyn continues to see Raphael in her dreams, she begins to fall for him. Can Caitlyn and Raphael be together if one of them isn't even real? 

Review: Wake Unto Me ended up being completely different than how I thought it would be and I loved it! Instead of just being about a girl falling in love with a ghost (like the cover insinuates), the story ends up taking twists and turns you would have never suspected in Caitlyn and Raphael's relationship. I loved Caitlyn and how even though she was alone and scared of her dreams, she faced them head on. But you know who I really loved? Raphael! He was so sweet and wasn't afraid to love Caitlyn whole-heartedly. Not only was the love story between Caitlyn and Raphael really sweet, but the whole journey they embarked on together was interesting! Caitlyn's dreams took her back 400 years, so it was a historical romance mixed in with a paranormal romance. I enjoyed all of the history that the author incorporated into the book (which the author explains in her note at the end). Then, when the story all came together in the end, it was so cool! I loved how everything that happened had a purpose and tied into Caitlyn's discovery in the end. In all, Wake Unto Me was a very good romance that surprises you with love, ghosts, and a dangerous mystery to be solved.


  1. This book looks really good and I can't wait to read it. Thanks for posting this review! I love myself a good ghost story!

    Old follower


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