Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Review: Pirate of My Heart by Jamie Carie

Summary: Lady Kendra Townsend has lived a loving life with her father after her mother died giving birth. But when her father dies just after her Uncle took all of their money to pay off debts, Kendra must choose between marrying a horrendous old man or going to America to live with her mother's sister. Lady Kendra finds soon finds herself aboard a ship on its way to America and in the presence of its breathtaking captain, Dorian Colburn. There is an undeniable attraction between the two, but can they both forget the pain and heartbreak in their pasts and finally entrust their hearts in someone again?  

Review:  I'm not usually one for historical romance, but after reading this book, I'm going to have to pick some more up! I loved the time period and how they all take ships to America and have extravagant social events. In this book, though, I loved how Kendra was so strong-willed and how easily she could open up to Dorian. Mmmmm, Dorian :) He was one of the main reasons I really enjoyed this book. As the captain of the ship Kendra took to America, he has a protective nature that every girl wants in a man. Not to mention insanely good looks and immense upper body strength. The only problem I had with this book, and the reason it gets a four instead of a five, is the romance. When Kendra and Dorian are together, you know how they feel emotionally, but the physical relationship is barely described. I'm not talking hot and heavy stuff, I'm talking just kisses. When they first kissed, I had to re-read it to realize that they actually had kissed. The author spends a majority of the time talking about how they felt with each other instead of describing what they actually did. Other than that point, it was an enjoyable novel; fast paced but still slow enough to enjoy all of the good moments. Pirate of My Heart has everything from pirates and (multiple) kidnappings to a sweet romance while sailing across the ocean. What more could you ask for?


  1. Great review! Thanks for posting. As I said in the IMM, I am about to request it from netgalley. The cover is also very pretty!


  2. Thanks! I was really happy I got to read it because it ended up being really good! Hope you enjoy it!


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