Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Review: The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

Summary: David Ponder has felt like there's nothing left in his life until the archangel Gabrielle visits and tells him that he must figure out how to save humanity. If David fails, then mankind will be destroyed. David comes together with the most brilliant minds in history to try to find the two words that describe what humanity needs. But as time runs out, the correct answer gets harder and harder to reach. Can one man truly see trough the faults of the world in order to find the one answer that can save life as he knows it? 

Review: When I finished this book, I kind of felt like there wasn't really anything that happened. About 95% of the book happened in one room where all they did was talk. Sure they had to try to figure out how to save all of humanity, but in order to do so all of the important figures in history had to talk about the solution. I haven't read The Traveler's Gift, which was the book before this one and introduced the whole concept behind the main character being able to travel through time to meet historical people, but I think it was probably a lot more interesting than this book because things actually happened. It was cool hearing all of the history and stories of certain people, like Joan of Arc and Winston Churchill, but that was basically the entire story. I didn't feel the real weight of the situation- that if they didn't solve the riddle of how to save humanity then God would wipe out the earth with another great flood. There wasn't really any emotion or action, just people sitting around talking. So this book wasn't really "the quest" to save humanity, it was more like the discussion to save humanity.

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