Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review: Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Summary: Mercy is a fallen angel. She wakes up in bodies she has never seen before with no recollection of the body she just left to inhabit the one she's in now. The only link to her past is in her dreams, when her love, Luc, visits her and begs her to find him. When she arrives in the body of Carmen, a small teenager who has dreams of becoming a professional singer, things are different than usual. She meets Ryan, a very attractive guy broken from the disappearance of his twin sister, Lauren. Mercy feels compelled to help Ryan find his missing sister and along the way grows closer and closer to him. Can she help Ryan find his sister before her soul decides to leave Carmen's life, and Ryan, for a new one? 

Review: When reading this book, I was confused. Very confused. In the book, Mercy doesn't know anything about herself or why her soul jumps from body to body, but that just makes it all more confusing to the readers. Some mysterious lover of her's, Luc who she can only see in dreams, is supposedly the love of her life. Yet when she talks to him in her dreams (which only happened like twice in the entire book yet the summary makes it seem like he should be in the entire book) there is no real connection or even explanation of how he can see her or even what they are. I guess they're supposed to be fallen angels (after reading other reviews) but I didn't get that at all when I was reading it. What I did like, though, was the whole mystery that Mercy (in Carmen's body) and Ryan are trying to solve together. They follow leads and try to find Ryan's missing sister after everyone else gave up hope. The problem with this part of the story was that there were so many new characters introduced in Carmen's life that when it was finally revealed who was behind the kidnapping, I had to look back and remind myself who it actually was. So with all of these mishaps, I feel like the book took way too much thinking and effort on the readers part to actually get through. Some parts of the story were good and interesting, but the execution of the mysterious life of a fallen angel just didn't work out. Great unique idea about angels, it just wasn't all that fun to read.

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