Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review: So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Summary: Brooke has been hopelessly in love with Scott for the past two years. The only problem is that he barely knows she exists. So when Scott moves to New York for senior year, Brooke decides to follow him and live with her dad, who she hadn't talked to in after the divorce. Once she gets there, though, Brooke figures out that Scott already has a new girlfriend. But New York holds more for Brooke than Scott. It holds new friends and shows Brooke who she really is. 

Review: When reading this book, you either have two reactions to Brooke: You either like her or you hate her. I decided to like her. Yeah, she may have been crazy to follow a guy she had only talked to twice while saying creepy stalker things like, "He'll see we belong together," but she could pull that stuff off. I liked how much she grew as a person and found herself in New York. In New Jersey, she was more shy and reserved, but in New York, she is daring and speaks her mind. My favorite character in the book, though, was John. He was so crazy and weird, but he made it work. He was who he was and didn't care if people looked at him weird or made fun of him for it. And he really cared about Brooke, helping her find her real self in New York that she never was able to be in New Jersey. I was a little disappointed in the end where we didn't actually get to see more of what Brooke finally decides to do, but it was still nice knowing how it all ended. I wouldn't say that this is one of Colasanti's books, but it was still a sweet read for a nice summer day.

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