Friday, June 17, 2011

I got the NOOKcolor!

That's right. I have finally given in to buying the NOOKcolor with my graduation money. Last year, I swore that I would never EVER buy an ereader because I love actual books so much. When I started blogging though, I found out that authors love to give out free copies of their books to reviewers, but only the ebook. After a lot of debating whether to buy one or not, I finally decided to go to Barnes and Noble and just play with one. I loved it. I could download up to 1,500 ebooks onto it, I could just swipe the screen with my finger to get to the next page, AND it's all in color so I can still see the beautiful covers of the books. Needless to say, I had to buy one. So now, I have to alternate between reading the hardcopy books and the ebooks. I am in NO WAY going to give up printed books. I love the feeling of the solid book in your hand, being able to flip to the end when things get boring. But now, with the NOOKcolor, my reading world has been expanded by thousands of books that are only published electronically. So now that I have the NOOKcolor, I am able to read and review even more books for my followers, so really, I'm thinking of all of you, not me ;) 


  1. Hey! I didn't realize til today that you had a blog, but it's really cool, very professional - I like the music and movies thing, maybe I'll try that instead of just re-posting my Goodreads reviews, which is kind of lame. I think you'll really like the Nook. I bought one at Xmas with all the B&N gift cards I got (plus some cash, my family is generous, but there's a limit, lol). I've really liked it and feel like I'm reading even more now (not totally sure that's a good thing, but oh well). Also congratulations on graduating, you have many wonderful things ahead of you!

  2. Thanks!! I love my Nook so far and I figured it would be easier to continue reading in college with my Nook. I'm glad you like my blog! I've had it for a little over a month now, so I'm still working on it! It's just another way to share with others how obsessed with reading I am :)


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