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Book Review: Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

By Tessa Bailey 
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Source: Amazon
He’s the last thing she wants...but the only thing she needs.

Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. Ready to shake the breakup, she heads to Dublin, Ireland. But there’s a problem. A dark-haired, blue-eyed problem with a bad attitude that rivals her own. And he’s not doling out friendly Irish welcomes.

Shane Claymore just wants to race. The death of his father forced him off the Formula One circuit, but he’s only staying in Dublin long enough to sell the Claymore Inn and get things in order for his mother and younger sister. He never expected the sarcastic American girl staying at the inn to make him question everything.

But even as Willa and Shane’s fiery natures draw them together, their pasts threaten to rip them apart. Can Shane give up racing to be with the woman he loves, or will Willa’s quest to resurrect the tough-talking, no-shit-taking girl she used to be destroy any hope of a future together?

Sarah from Words With Sarah has highly recommended this book to me for a couple of months now and I have been dying to read it. I mean, helloooooo, the main character goes to Ireland. Yes, please! So when I saw this one on sale on kindle for 99 cents, I bought it and never looked back. 

Willa Peet is unfixable. She is heading to Ireland to forget the heartache and heartbreak she has suffered over the boy who tried to fix her and just couldn't. When she arrives, she is definitely NOT looking for another relationship with anyone, let alone the broody and infuriating Shane, the owner of the Claymore Inn where she is staying for her trip. Ever since his father died, Shane Claymore has been tied to his family's inn, being the overbearing big brother for his sister and taking care of his fragile mother. While Willa and Shane butt heads the moment they meet, their intensity draws them together, where they force one another to unearth their pasts that they're both running from. 

There's nothing I love more in a romance than a main couple that absolutely detests each other in the beginning. There's just something so fun about the guy and the girl trading insults and really getting under each other's skins. Willa and Shane both work to get a rise out of each other, which makes them both so emotionally vulnerable. This forces them to acknowledge their past mistakes and insecurities that they're both obviously trying to ignore. While some parts were cringeworthy with how brutally honest and raw they were with each other, it just made their relationship that much more powerful and substantial. 

Did I mention that this book took place in Ireland? And that Shane is Irish? Ummm because it did. And he is. Can you say YUMMMM? Ugh, despite the fact that Shane was really brooding and harsh in the beginning, he was just so yummy and really did have a soft side. And I loved how protective he was of his sister. Her character was a fun addition to the story and I enjoyed how Willa found someone to actually befriend and care for despite her belief that she has a heart of stone. There were lots of fun, quirky side characters and I loved every one of them. 

If you love books with travel and emotionally damaged characters, you are going to love Unfixable. There is some definite emotion and damaged pasts that need hashing out before either of our main characters can move on in their lives. Did I mention that Shane is Irish? Enough said. 

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