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Book Review: What a Woman Wants by Judi Fennell

What a Woman Wants (Manley Maids #1)
By Judi Fennell 
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: Resort entrepreneur Sean Manley was all set to buy an historic mansion at a great price, making a name for himself while making millions, when the seller and a poker bet change the game. Now he’s in the place as a hunky male maid and there’s one more complication: Livvy Carolla.

The house is Livvy’s inheritance. Her plan? Unload it to the highest bidder and use the cash to start her own bakery business. One look at "the help” and she’s hot to take him with her. Until she finds out he’s got a secret agenda.

But when Sean falls for the free-spirited, strong-willed Livvy, he has new ideas for the estate—and Livvy’s part in it. If all goes well, they’ll both be getting what they want. And then some.

Review: Contemporary romances always put me in a good mood, and I just could not wipe the smile off of my face the entire time I was reading this book. How could I not laugh when there's a very, very manly maid working for a woman who has 8 dogs and crowd of barn animals to call her family? 

Livvy has never had a family to call her own. When her stuck-up, rich grandmother paid her mother for custody, Livvy was shipped off to boarding school and never treated like family. When her grandmother dies and leaves the estate to Livvy, Livvy is shocked. But getting her inheritance isn't going to be so easy. Liivy's grandmother left her a series of clues she must find in two weeks, or else the estate will be sold to the highest bidder. Good thing she has Sean, the Manley Maid hired to keep things in top shape, to help her out. Little does she know, Sean has his own ideas for the house and land, which includes turning it into a resort and making a whole lot of money for himself. But there's an undeniable attraction between Sean and Liivy, and Sean doesn't know if he can take away the only thing Livvy has left. 

I absolutely loved how Sean was a Manley Maid. Who wouldn't want such a hunk working for them day and night? Of course, he had only lost a bet to his sister and wasn't actually a servant, but Livvy doesn't need to know that! What really drew me into this story, though, was how different Sean and Livvy were. Sean had a loving family with a pretty awesome grandmother, while Livvy was all alone left to uncover clues about a family she was never let into. Oh, and let's not forget how eccentric Livvy is with her numerous dogs, farm animals, and gypsy style. But opposites definitely attract in this book!

The romance was awesome, but so was the story itself. It was so much fun following Livvy on her scavenger hunt to try to solve the riddles about her family. Even though Sean had trouble reading the clues as he tried to solve them himself because of his dyslexia, you couldn't help but love him even more the harder he tried. He tries so hard in life, no matter what is thrown his way, and all he wants to do is prove that he's as good as his brothers. And I loved how Livvy was a baker. Her kitchen sounded AMAZING and I was so jealous when her and Sean got to bake all day in it. Add baking to any story and I'm hooked. 

Overall, this was a super sweet contemporary romance that just puts you in a good mood. While there are some slow parts and the ending is pretty predictable, it was the perfect book to cuddle up at night with. I'd definitely recommend you check out Judi Fennell's Manley Maids series! You'll fall in love with the irresistibly manly maids with every turn of the page.

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