Saturday, August 13, 2011

Follow Me on Twitter!!

Follow PeaceLuvBooks on Twitter

I just got a twitter!! I'm super excited about it because now I can follow my favorite authors and publishers! Not to mention my followers can follow me (on if they want to...). But I'd love it if you followed! I was upset to see that PeaceLoveBooks was taken as a username, so I had to get creative and use PeaceLuvBooks as my name. Oh well, at least I finally made one!!! So if you're interested in following me, don't hesitate to click the button above or on the side! Oooh, and I added a subscribe feature, so you can also to subscribe to Peace Love Books too! So if you're a fan of my blog, don't worry, I like stalkers! So go ahead and subscribe or follow me on twitter! I can't wait to start tweeting :) 


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