Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bookish Christmas Gift Guide

As a book lover, I love book merchandise. There is nothing better than flaunting my utter love of books to the world and showing everyone that I am a bookworm. A huge bookworm. With the holiday season finally upon us, I thought I'd share some of the perfect gifts to give the book lover in your life this Christmas. 

Pretty much anything from Bookworm Boutique's society6 shop would be perfect for a book lover, but I especially love the bookish tote bags. This one is just absolutely perfect for any book lover to store their books in when making yet another trip to or from the library…

Speaking of society6, I am also insanely in love with Evie Seo's shop and adore all of her prints. I already own a throw pillow from the Bookworm Boutique, but I have been eyeing the throw pillows from Evie's shop and I"m in love. This Just Read Pillow is so pretty and gives the perfect message to everyone! Read! 

It's no secret that I absolutely love Jane Austen, so when I see anything Jane Austen, I immediately start drooling over it. This adorable Pride and Prejudice Necklace from Authored Adornments is just too perfect for words. The Etsy shop also has rings, bracelets, and more with texts ranging from Poe and Austen to Sherlock Holmes. There is something for every type of classic reader! 

These bookmarks. Oh. My. Gosh. I see the MyBookmark bookmarks ALL over Instagram and I stare with longing each time I see them. I mean, how cool is the Harry Potter Quidditch bookmark? They are a bit pricy at $25 plus shipping, but if you love the book lover in their life, you will make their Christmas by giving them one of the bookmarks from this Etsy shop! 

Look Human has so many fun teachers and they even have a whole Book Nerd section on their website! I came this close to ordering this Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards shirt, but convinced myself that I should be buying presents for other people, not myself. It's so gosh darn cute, though! If you have a super Harry Potter fan in your life, this shirt would be perfect! 

I love beautiful prints and I love Jane Austen, so when you put those two together, I go crazy. This Persuasion Quote Print from Live to Love Prints on Etsy is gorgeous and it's the actual print, not just an emailed PDF like many other shops offer. The shop offers many other quotes, too, that do not pertain to books, so you can cover all of your gifts in one place! 

Last year, I found some Litographs prints on sale at and snagged four of my favorite novels for a great price. They're now framed and hanging beautifully in my living room and bedroom. I absolutely love how the images are made up of words from the book. Litographs has recently been coming out with more recent books, like Outlander (which is pictured) and Throne of Glass. They sell shirts, prints, and bags with their designs and they are all to die for! With such a great variety, they are perfect for any book lover! 

I know I talk about them all the time, but I could not do a Bookish gifts post without mentioning Craftedvan. They have the cutest, most perfect bookmarks I have ever seen. I have about five of them and I still want more! There are so many different designs and they are just perfect to use when reading. I love the magnetic function and how they just bring a smile to my face every time I use them. 


  1. Cute gifts!! I would definitely want the Professional Bookworm tote. And all of Evie Seo's stuff because !!!! everything is so beautiful!!! Also YES to Crafted Van. I've already ordered from them multiple times for gifts :)

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! So many cute things. Really is perfect for a booknerd!


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