Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Review: Untold (The Lynburn Legacy #2) by Sarah Rees Brennan

By Sarah Rees Brennan
Release Date: August 29, 2013
Source: Publisher
Summary: Free from bonds, but not each other

It’s time to choose sides… On the surface, Sorry-in-the-Vale is a sleepy English town. But Kami Glass knows the truth. Sorry-in-the-Vale is full of magic. In the old days, the Lynburn family ruled with fear, terrifying the people into submission in order to kill for blood and power. Now the Lynburns are back, and Rob Lynburn is gathering sorcerers so that the town can return to the old ways.

But Rob and his followers aren’t the only sorcerers in town. A decision must be made: pay the blood sacrifice, or fight. For Kami, this means more than just choosing between good and evil. With her link to Jared Lynburn severed, she’s now free to love anyone she chooses. But who should that be?

Review: It's been over a year since I read Unspoken, the first book in The Lynburn Legacy series. That being said, I forgot A LOT of what had happened with these characters and the magical world they come from. Once I got into Untold, though, more and more details came back to me and I was able to continue on in the characters' journeys of discovering their magic and trying to defeat the evil sorcerer trying to take over their town. 

After discovering the voice in her head that's been talking to her for her entire life is actually real, Kami knows her life is far from ordinary. But with her bond with Jared broken and a magical battle breaking loose in Sorry-In-the-Vale, Kami has to form an army of her own that's strong enough to defeat the sorcerers aligned with Rob Lynburn. Now that she's not linked to Jared anymore, Kami doesn't have that magic that came from the link, but she's finally free to be with whoever she wants without being pressured by the link. But what if Kami doesn't want anyone else? 

Compared to the mystery and excitement of Unspoken, I think Untold was a bit toned down in regards to the magical war that's breaking out in town. A lot of the book was spent training for the big fight between Rob and Lillian's sides that when the big fight actually did happen it was kind of a let down. The whole fight over who gets to rule Sorry-in-the-Vale was tamed down, and I found myself caring about Kami's love life more than anything else. 

We all know I'm a sucker for romance, so Kami's relationship with both Jared and Ash was what really intrigued me in this one. Who was she going to be with? Ash is so sweet to her, but come on, how can you not want Jared? He may be stubborn and moody, but Jared is just so, well, Jared. And having shared a link with Jared for her entire life, Kami is missing that part of her, where she was always connected to Jared no matter where they were. 

While it was cool that Kami had to research the history of the sorcerers in Sorry-in-the-Vale, I feel like a lot more could have been done with that plot line. Only one little detail was discovered that really helped them out, and not much else was shared about the past. Not to mention Rosalind's whole part in everything was pretty confusing. I did not get whose side she was really on and if she was even mentally stable or not. I just don't know. 

That ending, though, sure did leave you wanting more. I can't believe what predicaments the characters are left off in and what secret Jared uncovered about the past that is really creepy. I really want to know how Kami and Jared, as well as all of the others on their side, are going to solve their problems this time. I guess we'll have to wait and see in the next book!

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