Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: Going Dark by Monica McCarty

Going Dark (The Lost Platoon #1)
By Monica McCarty
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Source: Publisher
The members of a top secret SEAL Team can't keep their passion under wraps in this thrilling contemporary romantic suspense series from New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty.

Like Rome's Lost Legion, a SEAL platoon goes on a mission and vanishes without a trace.

After walking into a trap on a covert op in Russia, the men from top secret SEAL Team Nine are presumed dead. Not knowing whom they can trust, and with war hanging in the balance, the survivors must go dark and scatter around the globe.

Marine ecologist Annie Henderson joins her new boyfriend on a trip to the Western Isles of Scotland to protest a hazardous offshore drilling venture. When she realizes that she may be swept up in something far more dangerous than she'd intended, there is only one man she can turn to. . . .

She and the mysterious but sexy dive boat captain haven't exactly gotten off to the best start, but something about his quiet confidence makes her think that he's the kind of man she can depend on. Because he's gruff and guarded, she can tell Dan Warren has secrets. But she could never imagine how high the stakes are for him to keep his cover, even as he risks everything to protect her. . . .

When I saw that Monica McCarty was coming out with her first romantic suspense, I was so excited. I love a good action-filled romance and could not wait for this one set in Scotland! 

When Dean's top secret SEAL team walks into a trap and is presumed dead, all of the surviving men must go into hiding. Dean finds himself working on a boat in Scotland, trying to lay low and stay out of trouble. Annie Henderson is passionate about her work in marine ecology and protecting the environment, so she doesn't hesitate to join her new boyfriend in Scotland to protest offshore drilling. Enticed by their dark, brooding boat captain, Annie doesn't realize until it's too late that her boyfriend is dragging her into something that could really hurt innocent people. Annie is forced to ask the captain for help, but the captain seems to have a lot of secrets of his own. Can Annie escape the dangerous plan she's become a part of while trusting the man more mysterious than anyone she's ever met? 

I've got to say, in the beginning of this book, it was kind of hard to get in to. I wasn't interested in the back story and found it hard to find the motivation to pick this book up. Once I got over that hurtle, though, and we were brought into Annie's world with her French boyfriend just arriving in Scotland, I was sucked in. I loved how there were twists and turns thrown in regarding what Annie was really involving herself in and there were so many dangerous situations she got into with her gorgeous boat captain. Definitely a lot of action and suspense in this one! 

As for our hero Dean, I loved how strong and in control he was. I mean, he's a trained SEAL, so of course he can remain calm in all of the crazy situations he and Annie found themselves in. It was so fun how he was trying to keep his true identity from Annie, but Annie kept on noticing clues that let her know he was definitely more than he seemed. I was a bit annoyed by how naive Annie was and the mistakes she kept on making, but overall I really enjoyed how there was undeniable chemistry between them that they had to try to ignore so that they could focus on just surviving. 

Overall this was quite the enjoyable romantic suspense from Monica McCarty. I loved how this one took place in Scotland and was full of secrecy, plenty of suspense, and shocking twists. You should definitely pick it up if you like danger and a romance the main characters try to fight but just can't ignore.


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