Thursday, March 30, 2017

Release Blitz + Review: The Animal Under the Fur by EJ Mellow

The Animal Under the Fur
By E.J. Mellow
Publication date: March 30th 2017
Genres: Action, Adult, Romance
From award-winning author E. J. Mellow comes an action romance dripping with vengeful delight. 
Orphaned on the streets as a baby, Nashville Brown, a.k.a Kill Operative 3, knows better than to rely on anyone. With heightened senses and superhuman strength to survive, she’s been raised as the perfect assassin.
The trick to her success? Keeping everyone, even her best friend, at arm’s length. 
Losing his entire family in the span of a year, Carter Smith left his ability to love buried deep in their graves. His only concerns now are completing his missions and effortlessly charming the next temptress to warm his bed. 
The key to his accomplishments? Working alone mixed with a Casanova smile. 
But when a deadly weapon needs to be stopped from falling into the wrong hands, the lone wolves find themselves thrown into an explosive partnership. Can Carter and 3 lower their guns aimed at one another long enough to succeed, or will their unwillingness to compromise end up destroying more than their perfect records? Whatever their differences, both agree on one thing—in the game of lies and deceit, the line between friend and foe is often blurred by blood splatter. 
The Animal Under The Fur is a hate-to-loath-to-love standalone novel filled with savagery, secrets, and enough angst to wrinkle the pages you’ll find gripped in your hands.

If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I am a sucker for a good cover. The moment I saw this one, I knew that I had to read it. I honestly had no idea what it was about when I started reading, but I was ready to get lost in an assassin romance with xmen-like characters. 

Nashville Brown has been on her own for as long as she can remember. Abandoned as a child, Nashville was found and recruited as an assassin due to her naturally heightened strength, speed, and senses. Nashville has never failed a mission, but when she is paired up with Carter Smith, a cocky agent for a sister company, she doesn't know if she'll be able to make it through the mission without killing Carter first… 

Going into this one, I was so excited for the premise. I loved how both Nashville and Carter came from troubled pasts and preferred to work alone. The moment these two met, there was explosive chemistry and seething hate coming from each other. If you love a romance where the couple cannot stand each other but has insane chemistry, you HAVE to read this one. As assassins, they go between wanting to kill each other to wanting to tear each other's clothes off. Also, since they're thrown together for this assignment, they have to learn to truly trust someone for the first time, which is hard for both of the characters. 

While I really liked the beginning of this one and the whole premise of assassins falling in love on a mission, the actual execution of the relationship fell short for me. As the book went on, I didn't really connect with the relationship between Nashville and Carter and I lost interest in their romance. Also, as an action novel, I didn't enjoy the action scenes as much as I wanted to. I feel like this book would make an awesome movie, but as a book I just couldn't get into it. I don't know what it was, but I felt like something was missing from the action scenes and the romance was not as fleshed out as I wanted it to be. 

Overall, this one started out strong but soon loss my interest. It was still a very entertaining, unique read that I had fun reading, but I was left wanting more. Carter's character was a bit cliche, which led to banter that was predictable and not as endearing as it was meant to be. Many people have shown love for this book, but it wasn't everything I was expecting it to be.

E.J. Mellow is the award-winning author of the contemporary fantasy trilogy The Dreamland Series and The Animal Under The Fur. With a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, E.J. Mellow splits her time between her two loves – visual design and writing. Residing in NYC, E.J. is a member of Romance Writers of America and their Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter. She has no animals but loves those who do.


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