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Blog Tour + Review: Untamed by SC Stephens

Untamed (Thoughtless #4)
By SC Stephens
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Source: Publisher
Being the bad-boy bassist for the world's hottest band has earned Griffin Hancock some perks: a big house, a fast car, and most importantly his incredible wife, Anna. The one thing it hasn't brought him is the spotlight. Anna tells him to be patient, that his talent will win out. But Griffin is through waiting for permission to shine.

Without warning, Griffin makes a shocking decision and takes the gamble of a lifetime. Suddenly he's caught up in a new level of lights, cameras, and chaos. One that pushes his relationship with Anna to its limits. Anna has always found his unpredictable behavior sexy, but lately he's seen an ache in her eyes--and it has his soul in knots. Just as the recognition Griffin seeks is finally within reach, the thing he loves most in life could be slipping through his fingers
I was shocked when I saw that SC Stephens was writing a book about Griffin. Out of all of the D-Bags,  Griffin was definitely the least likable. He is vulgar, loud, and just plain annoying. Throughout the first three books of the series, though, he does land Kiera's sister and kind of grows on you…

Griffin's life is going pretty well. The D-Bags have made it big and his wife, Anna, is pregnant with their second baby. With the mansion of his dreams and his hot wife, he couldn't ask for more. Until he wants more. Griffin starts getting tired of how the D-Bags has turned into the Kellan Kyle show and no one cares about anything else. Worse, the band won't even give him a chance when he wants to take the lead on a few songs. Griffin gets fed up and when the chance for more comes, he doesn't hesitate to take it. But trying to claim his own fame may not be the best move for Griffin and he has to figure out a way to fix his life before it all goes down the drain. 

I've got to say, Griffin is definitely still Griffin in this book. I wasn't too huge of a fan of how conceited and vulgar Griffin really was in his head, but that's how I felt about Griffin throughout the whole series. It wouldn't have made sense for his character to change once he got his own book, so I understand why he had to be that way. Sometimes it felt a little too unrealistic…does anyone really think that way about themselves? But that's what defined Griffin's character, so that's how it has to be. I really loved, though, how he did change because he was married to Anna. He loves Anna and he's actually super cute with his daughters. It was fun seeing how much the D-Bags had grown ever since making it big and settling down with the ones that they loved. 

While Griffin makes some pretty stupid mistakes in this book and refuses to listen to anyone else's advice, he does grow as a person. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows once you're famous and Griffin has to learn that the hard way. The dynamic between the D-Bags wasn't perfect either and they fought just like any other family does. The relationships in this book are so fantastic because they do have their faults and reflect relationships that would happen in real life. I also started to understand Anna more and enjoy her character since she was in so much of this book. She definitely is perfect for Griffin!

In the end, Griffin's book really surprised me and it was fun seeing how much Griffin had grown up (well, sort of) in this book after getting married and having kids. Sure, he still had a huge ego and a vulgar personality, but that's just Griffin. He was definitely able to hold his own story and take us on a roller coaster ride that had us fearing for his future. I definitely recommend that any Thoughtless series fan pick up this book. You get a whole new perspective on the lovable D-Bags and what life in the spotlight really is like. 


  1. I'll have to check this series out soon. Glad that you enjoyed this even though the MC is kind of a jerk. At least he stayed true to his character.

  2. Ooh, interesting :) I read very few romances where the couple are already together so that appeals to me. I'll have to check out the rest of the series. Great review!

    Zareena @ The Slanted Bookshelf


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