Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Review: Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Pursuits (Killer Instincts #4)
By Elle Kennedy 
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: Her job is to stay hidden.
Too bad he can’t take his eyes off her.

Soldier-for-hire Ethan Hayes is the youngest member of an elite mercenary team. While he may be affectionately nicknamed the rookie, the skills Ethan honed as a Marine make him seriously dangerous. But when a sudden distress call puts him in close quarters with a rival, he finds more than his field skills being put to the test.

Juliet Mason stands out as the master thief in a covert group of assassins and spies. Her latest mission is personal—and it’s gone horribly wrong. Juliet may prefer to work alone, but when the rookie comes to her aid in snowy Eastern Europe, she can’t deny they make a good team. But even up against a powerful enemy, their most challenging task yet may be fighting the passion between them

Review: I absolutely love action/spy movies. Die Hard, Bourne, Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, you name it. Despite my love for those movies, I've never actually read a book that was considered suspense or action romance. Why I haven't yet, I have no idea, because this book was so addicting and gave me everything I love about action movies and much, much more. 

Juliet is a master thief and dangerous assassin who is used to getting the job done alone. So when her brother, and only family she has ever had, is killed by another assassin, Juliet is determined to get revenge. Things go wrong, though, when Juliet is shot and her wound starts to get infected. Stranded in a foreign country, Juliet calls in for backup, but what she doesn't expect is for Ethan to show up. Ethan may be the youngest member of his team, but his skills make him one dangerous fighter. When he receives Juliet's call for help, he decides to go to her himself and help her get her revenge. Juliet doesn't want Ethan's help, but he's one determined guy. As he helps her track down her target, he soon starts to break down Juliet's walls and show her just how much she can feel by finally giving into their undeniable attraction. 

Oh boy, what a book. Seriously, you have some kick-butt assassins trying to kill a guy who had ordered the assassin who had killed Juliet's brother. You just don't go messing with an assassin's family. Juliet and Ethan are both such stubborn and determined people, so watching them have to work together and banter like crazy is so entertaining. Both of them know they're going to give into each other eventually, and the insane sexual tension makes it all the more harder to resist. Their relationship  took some time to build up and play out, which I really liked. Ethan knew Juliet was going to give in eventually, and he didn't let her attitude break him down one bit, but rather toyed with her just as much as she toyed with him. Ethan was definitely determined to get to Juliet and break down her walls, but it took him a lot of work before he even got close to breaking her down. 

Not only did I love the romance, but the suspense/action part of this book was just awesome. Juliet is such a strong character and she is one skilled assassin. They kill people, kidnap people, break into buildings, steal cars, and even torture people. There was a good balance between the romance and the action so that things definitely never got boring. How could they, especially when you have a hunk like Ethan who becomes even more attractive when he gets all dangerous and into assassin mode? It's books like this when it's impossible to resist the bad boy, especially when he happens to be super sweet and all boy-next-door in real life. 

How have I missed out on this genre for so long? Seriously, it's like my favorite movies are now literally in the palm of my hand. The action/suspense keeps things interesting while I still have my beloved romance plot line. And the romance gets even more intense when it's between trained killers who'll stop at nothing until the job is done. Oh, and the secondary characters were great too! I can't wait for Noelle and James' story in the next book! Talk about serious tension! But until then, I'm definitely going to check out the first three books in this series. Bring on the action, passion, and irresistibly dangerous men!

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