Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Roundup [9/17-9/23]

Wow, this week went by so slow. It's about time it's Monday! I'm an English Education major, and this past week was the first time I actually got to go into the classroom. That means I was observing an English class from 7am-11am (aka waking up at 5am every day), and then taking my regular classes afterwards, so days seemed twice as long. I am completely in love with teaching, though, and can't wait to have a classroom of my own! I just have to finish these two years and I finally can :) Oh! And it's Banned Books Week! So go out, grab a banned book, and celebrate your freedom to read :)

Book Reviews
Finding It by Cora Carmack



  1. Ahhh 5am?! Dedication, right there!
    I guess because it's something you love. If I needed to be up for something I love I'd definitely be up at 5 but gosh, you must be exhausted.
    Think you'd be an awesome teacher though (and one that's quite modern, I mean what English teacher has their own fab book blog?! An awesome English teacher!)

  2. ooh, I really need to read that Carmack series.


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