Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Pen Pal...

So I recently came across a blog that had a Pen Pal Program and I thought it sounded like a ton of fun. I thought it over, and I decided why not make a pen pal program where book bloggers/lovers could connect with each other? I'd like to welcome you to Dear Pen Pal...

Peace Love Books

Here's what the program would entail if I get enough interest: 

-A group of 3-4 people will receive each others addresses and they can alternate who they write a letter to. 
-It's up to you how frequently you write, but I was thinking try to write one letter a week. 
-You can choose to either be a part of a national or international group
-Talk about ANYTHING you want! It can be about books, movies, music, or life in general! It's all up to you!
-Have fun! 

Want to join? Then send me an email at peacelovebooks5@aol.com with this information: 

1. Name
2. Address
3. Preference for national or international group
4. Blog name and URL (if you have one)
5. Your favorite color 

Once I have enough people interested, I will send you the names and addresses of the people in your pen pal group! Don't forget to add the button to your sidebar!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or anything of the sort, do not hesitate to let me know either by commenting or emailing me. Thanks so much for your interesting and happy pen palling! 


  1. I love this idea! I will email you my info. My only question is, what should we be writing about? Do you want to keep it only book related, or more personal?

  2. Its a great idea!! I already have lot of pen pals who are book lovers too... its an absolutely awesome feeling to receive letters from them!!!

  3. amazing idea, very smart
    nice idea, friend
    Sepintas Lalu

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