Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Book Review: Love At First Like by Hannah Orenstein

Love At First Like
by Hannah Orenstein
Release Date: August 6, 2019
Source: Publisher
Eliza Roth and her sister Sophie co-own a jewelry shop in Brooklyn. One night, after learning of an ex’s engagement, Eliza accidentally posts a photo of herself wearing a diamond ring on that finger to her Instagram account beloved by 100,000 followers. Sales skyrocket, press rolls in, and Eliza learns that her personal life is good for business. So she has a choice: continue the ruse or clear up the misunderstanding. With mounting financial pressure, Eliza sets off to find a fake fiancé.

Fellow entrepreneur Blake seems like the perfect match on paper. And in real life he shows promise, too. He would be perfect, if only Eliza didn’t feel also drawn to someone else. But Blake doesn’t know Eliza is “engaged”; Sophie asks Eliza for an impossible sum of money; and Eliza’s lies start to spiral out of control. She can either stay engaged online or fall in love in real life.

There seem to be more and more books coming out about social media and this one sounded so cute! An accidental engagement announcement? How was our main character going to deal with that one? 

Eliza owns a jewelry shop with her sister and she has everything she's wanted. Except The One. And when her long-time ex-boyfriend gets engaged, Eliza is feeling lower than ever. To cheer herself up, she creates a fake instagram post announcing her engagement. But when Eliza wakes up the next morning, she realizes she accidentally posted that announcement...and now everyone thinks she's engaged. Eliza goes to make everything clear, until she sees how well the business is suddenly doing...because of her post. Can Eliza really find a man to be her fiancé? Or will she have to give up the charade and risk her business? 

In the beginning, this book sounded like such a good idea. I thought Eliza would find a guy to pose as a fiancé and actually fall in love. Instead, I found myself not really liking Eliza and how selfish she was. Most of this book was her trying to get this guy, Blake, to fall in love with her, even though she wasn't really into him. She spent the whole time saying how she felt bad and how she knew that she didn't really like him, she just liked the idea of being married to him. And that was pretty much the plot. There weren't really that many interesting moments and I was bored most of the time. 

I didn't really like Eliza, so it felt to me that she didn't even really change at all throughout the book. There was no growth to her character and I didn't like how other characters just kind of gave way to her throughout the book. The end felt too rushed and it didn't feel realistic at all. 

Overall, this was a huge miss for me. I didn't like the main character and the book was more boring than anything else.

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