Sunday, July 2, 2017

Book Review: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

By Mariana Zapata
Release Date: August 7, 2015 
Source: Amazon
Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn't know. "My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn." 

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she's both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.

Even though I've only read one (now two) books by Mariana Zapata, she has easily become one of my favorite authors. While I was definitely skeptical going into this one based on the premise, I was excited to dive in! 

The last place Kat Berger expected to find herself was at a porn convention. And that was definitely the last place Kat thought she would meet a nice guy she could see herself falling for. But as she is put in the friend zone with a man who is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too, Kat doesn't know if she should just take what she can get or put herself first and go after what she wants. 

Oh boy, this book was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN. I was laughing out loud from the moment that Kat and Tristan met and loved how open and honest they were with each other. They literally became best friends and I loved watching them grow closer and closer. Mariana Zapata is the queen of slow burn romances, so it's no surprise that this one was definitely a slow burn. Of course, Kat was without-a-doubt attracted to Tristan and wanted so much more, but she didn't want to ruin the amazing friendship they had by risking telling him her true feelings. 

Not only was I completely fangirling over the relationship between Tristan and Kat, I also loved Kat's core group of friends and their banter. Zoey and Nikki were so much fun and the best of friends for Kat to have. Their monthly bowling dates were a hoot and I loved how Kat started to invite Tristan to everything and develop a friendship with him just like she had with her other friends. And Yoda was THE BEST CHARACTER. Seriously, you'll understand when you read this book! 

Overall, this was another hit from Mariana Zapata. While the premise was definitely unique and a little intimidating (I, for one, have never read a book that starts out at a porn convention), the friendships and the growth of the relationship with the main couple was addicting and utterly lovable. If you haven't read anything from Mariana Zapata, you HAVE to!

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