Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Stand by AL Jackson

Stand (Bleeding Stars #6)
By AL Jackson
Release Date: May 22, 2017
Source: Author
Zachary Kennedy has never been known as a fighter, but he’ll never regret fighting for her…

I’m Zee Kennedy.
Quiet. Reserved. Predictable.
When my brother died, everyone thought I was just the good guy who stepped up to take his place in the band.

No one knew what I was hiding. The one thing I’ve been fighting for.

For seven years, I’ve never lost focus.

Not until one chance encounter with Alexis Kensington.

Now she’s become my greatest temptation.
I knew better than to touch her, but now that I’ve had a taste, I can’t get enough.
Her kiss becomes my air. Her body my salvation.

She needed a savior and somehow she became mine.

Taking her was a betrayal. But keeping her means risking everything.
One look at Alexis Kensington, and I know she’s worth the fight.
Will my past continue to keep me down or will I finally find the strength to pull myself up and Stand…

I have had my eye on this series for along time now, so when I was contacted if I wanted to review the newest release in the series, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I love my rockstar romances, so I couldn't wait to meet the men of Sunder! 

After his brother died, Zee Kennedy did not hesitate to take his place and play the drums for Sunder in honor of his brother. He also promised to keep the band together and keep their family safe; he's always the protector. So when he finds Alexis Kensington in need of help, he doesn't hesitate to step in. And that one moment changes everything. Zee can't get Alexis or the feelings she stirs within him, feelings that have lain dormant for 7 years, out of his head. While Zee finds himself saving Alexis, he also finds himself being saved by her. But can his past allow someone as pure and life-altering as Alexis into his life? 

Like I said, this was my first book in the Bleeding Stars series, even though it's the final book. While it can be read as a standalone, I definitely felt the closure with the other characters and really wished that I had read their stories before seeing them at this point. Despite that, I really enjoyed how close the bandmates were in this book and actually wished I got more of them playing together and being together. We did get to see them all together and got a concert, but I feel like I wanted to feel more of the music and like I was really there instead of seeing a snippet and then following a character who wasn't actually involved in the music making. Give me my rockstars in their elements!

Alexis and Zee's relationship was very emotional and hard from the beginning. They both had their demons and couldn't explain what they were feeling with each other. While I really enjoyed the rawness of Alexis and Zee's relationship, it got a bit flowery and over the top in moments. They fell hard very fast and were suddenly the only thing allowing them to breath and feeling whole and complete. It was all very emotional and they talked about those emotions quite a bit. I also loved the suspenseful moments, but near the end the suspense happened and was over pretty quickly and I wished it was more drawn out and realistic. Other than that, I enjoyed watching Zee struggle over his past and his present with Alexis and try to be a good guy while dealing with his demons. 

While this was my first Bleeding Stars book, this is definitely not my last. I want to run out and grab the previous five books and gobble them up so that I can see how the amazing couples in this book met and fell in love.

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