Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review: Love After All by Jaci Burton

Love After All (Hope #4)
By Jaci Burton 
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Source: Publisher
High school math teacher Chelsea Gardner has the perfect plan. She’s tired of dating all the wrong men, and after years of frustration, she’s developed a foolproof list of requirements for finding “The One.”

Bar owner Sebastian “Bash” Palmer finds Chelsea beautiful, smart and fun, but he thinks her list is ridiculous and unnecessary. Intent on proving Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong ways, he offers to help her find the “perfect” man.

Chelsea knows Bash isn’t the right guy for her—he barely meets one of her criteria—but there’s something about the charismatic man that has her yearning for things that are most definitely not list approved.

Because sometimes, a relationship that looks totally wrong on paper can turn out incredibly right…

Jaci Burton's Hope series is one of my favorite small town romance series. The characters are all so lovable and I just can't get enough of them. While I was definitely super excited to FINALLY have Bash's story, I didn't love Chelsea as much as I thought I would. 

High school math teacher Chelsea Gardner knows exactly what she wants in her perfect man, and bartender Sebastian "Bash" Palmer definitely does not qualify. While he may not match up to her list, the chemistry between Bash and Chelsea is undeniable. Bash thinks that Chelsea is crazy for having "the perfect man" and sets out to prove just that by setting her up with men who do meet her criteria. Chelsea finds that the men who look good on paper don't even compare to how Bash makes her feel…but can she give into her feelings when she knows Bash is all wrong for her? 

I have been waiting for Bash's book ever since the first book of this series and, I've got to say, I wasn't a huge fan of this one. It was just so…slow. I didn't really like Chelsea and her in-your-face attitude that was constantly mentioned. She was your typical "fiery redhead" who wore heels all the time and I just didn't find myself caring for her. She constantly talked about how she just didn't feel anything for the guys that seemed perfect for her, and I didn't really care. I got where she was coming from, but her personality just didn't gel with me. 

Bash, though, was awesome. I loved how he adopted an adorable little dog and actually really bonded with her. Bash knew that he wasn't the perfect man and was still dealing with the pains of his divorce where he couldn't fit the mold his ex-wife had wanted him to fill. I just wanted Bash to know that he was perfect the way he was and deserved his own happiness! I think that it was a bit cliche how he ran away at one point because he was "scared," but overall he was my favorite part of this book. 

While I adore this series, Bash's story did not live up to my expectations. Chelsea was not my favorite and I didn't find myself relating to her. While we are both teachers, she was up half of the night all the time and I didn't see her as a realistic teacher…but maybe that's just me. In the end, Love After All was a let down compared to the great beginning books of this series.


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