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Book Review: Bound to Danger by Katie Reus

Bound to Danger (Deadly Ops #2)
By Katie Reus
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: At a benefit dinner, community activist Maria Cervantes overhears two men plotting a terrorist attack that could rock Miami to its core. But before she can alert authorities, she’s almost killed in a massive explosion—and wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened. As the sole survivor of the attack, she is now a person of interest to the NSA—and especially to Agent Cade O’Reilly. Because Maria is the one woman Cade has never been able to forget.
Years ago, they were closer than either was willing to admit—until Cade disappeared when Maria needed him most. Now he’s sticking by her, whether she likes it or not. Because the memories locked inside her mind could hold vital clues to the next attack. Because terrorists want her dead—and because he never wants to let her go again.

Review: I have recently discovered a love for romantic suspense, but I hadn't had a chance to try any of Katie Reus' novels. Better late than never, though, because she can write one suspenseful and definitely romantic story!

Maria Cervantes hasn't heard from or seen Cade O'Reilly ever since her brother died while serving with him eight years ago. But when Maria barely escapes an explosion after overhearing men plotting terrorist attacks, Cade, now working for the NSA, comes in to protect her and find the men responsible for the explosion. Cade tells himself he wants to protect Maria because it is detrimental to figure out what she knows about the terrorists, but as he spends more time with Maria, his feelings from eight years ago come back even stronger. Cade will do anything to protect Maria, but can he save her from the danger that has already stolen some of the people she loves the most? 

The reason I love romantic suspenses so much is because there is much, much more than just the romance. The main couple has to deal with situations beyond their own emotions for each other, which makes their relationship that much more difficult. And Cade and Maria definitely had a lot to deal with as they explored their feelings for each other. Maria lost someone very close to her and had to worry about terrorists trying to kill her as she tried to remember what exactly she had overheard before the explosion that her mind had blocked from her memory. Because she was so vulnerable, Cade didn't want to take advantage of her and risk crossing the line between personal and professional. But Cade definitely realized that Maria was much more than a job to him. 

While I really enjoyed Cade's determination to protect Maria and hunt down the men trying to kill her and plotting a terrorist attack, I sometimes became lost in the details of the plotting, terrorism, and secret agent talk. It was hard to keep track of who was exactly who, who was good, who was bad, and where some things were taking place. When things were from Cade and Maria's point of view and not some random agent, they got themselves into some very suspenseful, heart pumping situations. I never knew how Cade would get them out of the situations the terrorists put them in or how he could resist his attraction to Maria any longer. 

There was definitely an attraction between Cade and Maria and I loved how they knew they liked each other, but had to learn to trust each other again after Cade just up and left all of those years ago. I especially loved the emails between Maria and Cade from when they first started to fall for each other eight years ago that were included at the end of each chapter. Their correspondence in the past showed us just how close they had become before Cade withdrew after Maria's brother's death. You can tell they really cared about each other both then and now, especially how Cade wouldn't give into his attractions for Maria in the present when she was so vulnerable, but instead was worried about what she was feeling and going through. A man with a lethal body and a super sweet personality when it comes to the woman he loves? Yes, please! 

Overall, Bound to Danger definitely had its suspenseful moments that were well balanced with the relationship and steamy parts of the novel. I may have gotten lost in some of the covert operation/terrorist details, but Katie Reus did a great job creating a story that really pulled on the emotions while keeping you on the edge of your seat. I'm excited to check out what other stories she's written because this definitely won't be the last one I'm reading!

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