Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review: White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert

White Trash Beautiful
By Teresa Mummert
Release Date: July 9, 2013
Source: Publisher
Summary: A word-of-mouth bestseller that’s captivating readers with its honesty, grit, and headstrong heroine, White Trash Beautiful is a story for anyone who has ever felt trapped in life, cheated by love—and longed for something more . . . 

Cass Daniels isn’t waiting for her knight in shining armor. She knows that girls like her don’t get a happily ever after. Not if you live in a trailer with your mom, work at a greasy spoon diner, and get leered at by old men. Maybe that’s why she puts up with Jackson—her poor excuse for a boyfriend, who treats her like dirt. Cass has learned to accept her lot in life. That is, until he walks into her diner. . . . 

His name is Tucker White, and he’s different from any man Cass has ever known. Tall, tattooed, and bad-ass gorgeous, he’s the lead singer of the rock band Damaged. From the moment they meet, Tucker sees something in Cass he just can’t shake. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. And he’s determined to find out what it is—if only he can get her to open up and let him in. . . . 

Review: I haven't heard anything about this author or this book before, so I was really intrigued to see how it turned out. It sounded like it was going to be a great romance with some serious emotions between people with damaged pasts. 

Cass Daniels is used to taking care of herself while her mom and boyfriend take everything she works hard for. Feeling like the definition of trailer trash, Cass has accepted the fact that she'll never be anyone important. But when Tucker walks into her diner, everything changes. Cass can't get the delicious stranger out of her head and Tucker won't seem to go away. Can Tucker finally be the person that makes Cass feel worth something more? 

I get that Cass feels worthless and basically like trailer trash, but that seemed to be all she talked about. This girl was so insecure and I got tired of hearing her complain about how worthless she was. Also, she did absolutely nothing to fix her situation at home. She let her mom and boyfriend get away with doing constant drugs and drinking until they pass out while she worked at the diner. I get her boyfriend was really sweet when they first started going out, but how could she just let them get away with living such awful lives and treating her terribly? 

While Cass got annoying, her relationship with Tucker was really sweet. Tucker was awesome and I loved how he was really a rockstar. And the fact that Cass had no clue who he really was made his character even sweeter with how he cared about her while he had a ton of adoring fans in the real world. No matter how busy he was, he always made it a point to visit the diner to check in on how Cass was doing. 

Overall, the main character got slightly excessive with her sob-story-crappy-life personality, but the romance with Tucker saved the story. If we weren't stuck in Cass's head the entire time with her constant insecurities, I would have enjoyed the story so much more. But we were, so this one ended up being an okay story about a girl who needs to grow a back bone and make things happen for herself.

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  1. I really really want to read this book. I love the cover. Please tell me Cass isn't too whiny and self pitying. I can deal with it to an extent because its probably true, but too much ruins the book for me.
    Is Tucker a good guy despite his bad boy exterior? I hope so.
    Thanks for the cool review. I am looking forward to read this book now :)


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