Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 10

Day 10: How do you choose what book to read next?
Oh my gosh, I am the worst when it comes to picking what to read next. I have SO many books in my TBR pile, including review books, library books, and books I own that have been sitting on my shelf forever. Normally, I try to alternate between review books and books from the library/books I own. So if I just finished reading a book that was for review, I'll pick up a book that I have from the library or one that's sitting on my shelf. How to choose among those is really difficult, but I normally look at the pile and see what I'm dying to read first. Haha, but it normally takes awhile staring at them to choose...

Once I have my new book picked out, I'm ready to dig in and have a good time :)


  1. haha I know what you meant! It's always so hard to decide on my next book, unless I was reading a series, then that's easy haha. I'm also a really big mood reader so I might change between YA and romance all the time!

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